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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the traffic real?
It is automated traffic, we use real web browsers with automation to create it, it means the traffic looks like real human traffic just doesn't make purchases. We guarantee that you will see all the traffic in your Google Analytics.

What are your services for?
Most of our clients use our services to improve their websites' traffic metrics. We can fix your bounce rate, return rate, session time, increase your traffic volume, add more organic or social traffic and work with almost every aspect of the traffic.

Do you have free plans?
We have time limited trial accounts for testing purposes, you can activate one using this link: Free Trial
In case you have already registered you have a complimentory Demo credit on your account that you can use to create a 2 hour limited Demo project.

Why I cannot use my website for a free project?
In Demo and Trial projects you can use only domains that are not yet in our database. Neither we accept shorteners, redirect or affiliate links, for such URLs please use a paid project.

Is it Adsense(and any other Pay Per Click affiliate programs) safe?
Yes, it is absolutely safe for PPC ads, we avoid clicking on ads and therefore you won't violate any rules of these programs. In case of Adsense by default we don't even load the ads so by default you won't see any impressions.

Will the traffic help me with SEO, ranking, etc.?
Usually Google ranks higher websites with more traffic so we do believe that having more traffic in Google Analytics actually help with your ranking. However since no one can really know the ranking algorithms we cannot guarantee any particular ranking results.

What is Alexa Traffic?
In this kind of traffic every visitors to your website has Alexa Bar turned on, we do believe that it is better for your Alexa Rank but if you don't have Alexa Rank Certified we cannot guarantee any particular result.

Will your traffic improve my Alexa Rank?
We can guarantee any improvement in Alexa Rank only if you have Alexa Rank Certified active, that is the way how works and it cannot be changed.
Your website having Alexa Rank Certified means that you have Alexa's traffic counter installed on your website therefore is able to see all the traffic coming to your website. Without the counter Alexa doesn't count any traffic and shows only estimates.

How can I activate Alexa Rank Certified?
Simply head over to, click at Certified Alexa Rank tab and choose the cheapest(at the moment it was $19.99) option, then follow the instructions.
Keep in mind that after you have installed the alexa's traffic counter there's 21 days period before you can switch the Rank from Estimated to Certified, don't forget to switch the rank, by default shows estimated rank even if you have Alexa Rank Certified active.

Do you accept shorteners, redirect and affiliate links?
Yes, we do accept such links in paid projects, we don't accept them only in free Trial and Demo projects.

Do you accept Adult websites?
Yes, we do accept Adult websites.

What Bounce rate your traffic has?
You can tell us to use any Bounce rate you need, from 0% to 100%. This parameter can be changed in your project's settings page.

What is Bounce rate?
Bounce rate is a percentage of the visitors who looked only 1 page and closed the browser right away. Keep in mind that higher Bounce rate decreases the traffic you receive because we have to close the browser very fast and avoid creating additional page views for the visit.

What is the best Bounce rate for my website?
There's no answer to this question, on average bounce rate is in between 30% and 70%, we recommend to make an analysis of your rival websites to understand what is normal for your industry.
Let's imaging your website is and therefor your rival is, head over to and type in the search bar on top, we see that has Bounce rate of 43%, we would recommend to use this value for your

Can I pay with Bitcoin?
Yes, send us an email to [email protected] with the amount you want to pay and we will send you Bitcoin address for the payment.

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Ekonomik Trafik Paketleri

Hesabınıza bağlı sınırsız sayıda farklı boyutlarda paketiniz olabilir.
* Birkaç paket satın alıp bunları aynı URL'lere (10 x Büyük paket, aylık size yaklaşık 6 Milyon ziyaret sağlayacaktır) bağlayabilirsiniz.

from $5.99 aylık

  • Ziyaret Garantisi 60k
  • Coğrafi Hedefleme
  • Çıkma Oranı Kontrolü
  • Kalma Süresi Kontrolü
  • Dil Kontrolü
  • Gezinti Hunileri
  • Güvenli Google Analytics

from $17.99 per month

  • Ziyaret Garantisi 300k
  • Coğrafi Hedefleme
  • Çıkma Oranı Kontrolü
  • Kalma Süresi Kontrolü
  • Dil Kontrolü
  • Gezinti Hunileri
  • Güvenli Google Analytics

from $35.99 per month

  • Ziyaret Garantisi 600k
  • Coğrafi Hedefleme
  • Çıkma Oranı Kontrolü
  • Kalma Süresi Kontrolü
  • Dil Kontrolü
  • Gezinti Hunileri
  • Güvenli Google Analytics

from $59.99 per month

  • Ziyaret Garantisi 1M
  • Coğrafi Hedefleme
  • Çıkma Oranı Kontrolü
  • Kalma Süresi Kontrolü
  • Dil Kontrolü
  • Gezinti Hunileri
  • Güvenli Google Analytics